Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Join me for a special ride at WSSC 2017!

After many years of pushing the limits of the Spinning® with rides based on adventure and backed by cinema level visuals, I'm very excited to announce my new "Unplugged" ride for this years WSSC Miami. This ride will focus on reconnecting to the Spinning® program in a pure, raw, and hypnotic way.  It's going to be all about riding the bike with true effort, and the mind blowing energy of great music that will provoke it. This is a departure from the rides that I am known for, but I can promise something truly exceptional and different.

So for all of you who LOVE Spinning... This is the ride for you! 

Come and join a very special celebration with over 300 friends and family!

Go to wsscconference.com and register now. Space is limited!