Monday, November 16, 2015

GET READY! Something wild is coming to WSSC 2016!

I'm extremely proud to announce my all new kick off ride for the up and coming World Spinning® and Sports Conference in sunny Miami. This special adventure has been on my mind for many years, and I'm committed to making this the most 
spectacular ride I have ever produced. Stay tuned for more info because this ride is going to be amazing!

Deep inside each of us is a wild animal that was born to survive, adapt, evolve, and instinctually react to life...

Imagine... You begin to feel an uncontrollable rush of heat through your body as you start to focus on an internal call so deep, it can't be fully explained or understood... Each breath you take becomes stronger and stronger... Your heart pounds... Your muscles twitch with explosive energy... Your senses are on fire... and like a flash of lightning, it happens... you give in to your primal instinct, and GO!