Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In the spirit of Halloween- Never let that GHOST catch you!

The ghosts that haunt us deep within. The specter of doubt and fear. That’s what riders were able to defeat at the Ghost Ride, during this year’s WSSC (World Spinning® and Sports Conditioning) Conference in Miami, Florida.

As a Spinning® Master Instructor, I have the honor of leading the kick-off rides at the WSSC Conference every year, and during the Ghost Ride, I asked riders to overcome their fears and break through to the finish line. This event holds a special emotional meaning for me as both an athlete and as an International Spinning Master Instructor.

The Ghost Ride was a huge departure from my “normal” epic ride design because of its subject matter. It has a very unique focus in the fact that it has you look into the things that cause a negative emotion during a physical test or challenge, and then go beyond them. I believe that it’s through adversity that we learn to grow and adapt and that definitely rings true when you push your body and mind to the limits. We all at some point have to face a “ghost” when you are truly at the limits of what you can handle. It’s happened to me so many times during an all-out effort or challenge on the bike where my mind starts to focus on the things that are holding me back, and that so-called “ghost” is limiting me in more ways than one.

The Ghost Ride is all about facing those fears, excuses, pain, or whatever else is haunting you and truly believing you can overcoming those adversities and be set free to excel. It’s a visual-based ride that leads into the darkness that ends on a beautiful sun drenched road. I love how fear can motivate you, and this ride is freaky! There’s a point in the ride where you are driving hard though a deep, dark forest. You have no idea where you are going and it seems to never end, and then it happens, you face the ghosts and punch out of the forest and find yourself on a smooth, flat, beautiful road! The music goes from this chilling dark vibe to an off the charts uplifting rhythm! It sends goose bumps down my back every time!

I think the biggest struggle or “ghost” for me is knowing that sometimes things don’t come as easy as I would like. One thing Spinning® has taught me is that each and every test that I put myself through on that Spinner® bike can and will pay off if I set my mind to it and do the hard work. I think many Spinning riders feel the same way. The beautiful thing about Spinning is the community and positive energy it creates because it’s not just a workout; it’s much more! Some people are going through some fights and if we can make an ounce of difference in somebody’s life through a fantastic fitness program, then I will do Ghost Rides all day long.

Happy Halloween!