Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Keep your Spinner® Bikes running like new!

Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your Spinner® bikes in great shape year after year. To put it quite simply as Jeff Wimmer writes in his Ultimate Tech Manual Series Guide- Preventative maintenance is taking care of something to ensure longevity and the fewest problems during ownership. With anything mechanical like a Spinner® bike it is absolutely necessary!

Preventative maintenance addresses a Spinner® bikes needs and promotes smooth operation class after class. Taking care of your bikes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis will keep your clients happy, promote a positive image of your program and club, and in the long run, save you or the club money.  Here are a few tips from Jeff:

1. Number your bikes- Put a number on each bike so you can record problems and track part replacements and service on each one.

2. Use a log book- Use of a logbook ensures all service and problems get logged and a tech can see what has been done to each and every bike.

3. Wipe bikes down after each class- Ask students to help with this after each and every class but don’t assume they will do a perfect job. Also, if possible have a staff member do a full wipe down each and every day. Keep them clean!

4. Put them up- Raise handlebars and seat post after the last class of the day to allow moisture to dissipate and dry. This helps to avoid corrosion.

5. Comprehensive detailing should be performed once per week- Wipe the bikes completely down with a mild soap top to bottom. Then use a polish to help protect them.

6. Do a full lube and tightening of all hardware once a month. Do not use WD-40® to lubricate. Use a Teflon® based lubricant to help promote mobility. *See product recommendation below.

7. Check levelers MONTHLY- Make sure they haven’t started to unscrew all the way out of the thread barrels.

8. Bike rotation- Move the bikes periodically to help insure a more even wear of all the bikes.

9. Use a good service tech- One that does a good job and keeps good records of each bike in the logbook.

10. Take good care of the bikes and they will take good care of you! Enjoy the ride!

Recommended products:

Chemicals for Spinner Bike service: SpinTech® line of lubricants and polish are specifically designed for the Spinner® Bike models.

The Ultimate Tech Manual Series: Volume 6, written by Jeff Wimmer exclusively for the Spinner® V, Pro, Elite and NXT manufactured by Star Trac®.
Contents include Daily, Weekly, and Monthly maintenance as well as all the usual goodies found in the Ultimate Tech Manual Series. Packed with dozens and dozens of Hot Tips, Photos and illustrations, The Ultimate Tech-Manual Series - Volume 6 is the latest comprehensive body of work from Jeff Wimmer.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here is a quick video from Jeff Wimmer of you might want to watch. His business is all indoor cycling bikes and believe me he knows what he is talking about. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and is trusted by Mad Dogg Athletics, the company that started the indoor cycling craze and continues to lead the industry in producing the best bikes and programming. Enjoy!