Saturday, April 23, 2011

WSSC 2011 is almost here!

Here is a Q & A from the Spinning Instructor news... Just thought I would share it with you.

WSSC Corner: Q&A with Josh Taylor

Your ride at WSSC is always one of the most-anticipated parts of the weekend. What can attendees expect from this year’s ride?

Let’s just start by saying that I am truly honored to lead the kick-off ride for each year’s WSSC. It’s an amazing experience to ride with more than 300 individuals that really love Spinning®. It’s an energy like none other! It’s a night that celebrates the Spinning program and what it was truly meant to be—a journey that fuels the mind and body.

This year my ride is FORCE, a ride inspired by the forces all around and within each of us. It’s a physical journey that will encompass both audio and visuals that will ignite a true energy in motion. It will be truly extraordinary because “FORCE” is what causes change, and I believe that this ride will bring out the very best in each person who attends. They will leave that ride with something only to be explained by them!

How did you come up with the idea for FORCE?

Good question. Each year brings the big question of what ride to do next. Last year's Animal ride was a shift for me in terms of taking a ride to the next level and evolving. What’s amazing is that the Spinning program provides a vast amount of freedom and unexplored horizons. It's like a canvas that allows us to be artists and create transformation, renewal and journeys that define Spinning. Each year I challenge myself to heighten that creativity and bring out the very best of who I am. The attendees deserve it! In my mind they want to find something extra in themselves during a ride like this. They want to be able to close their eyes, be in that moment and fall in love with Spinning all over again.

So to answer the question, each year I have to really go deep and look for inspiration not only within myself but also from those around me. This year the result of that search is FORCE. I can’t wait for this ride. It's so perfect for what the Spinning program already is and what it is becoming for so many around the world: a FORCE.

What other sessions are you leading at WSSC this year?

In addition to the Thursday night kick-off ride, I will also be doing my Bike Fit sessions and will be part of a rocking group of MIs co-teaching a ride designed by my good friend and MI Scott Schlesinger called Conquer the Elements. That ride will be way too much fun!

What is your favorite ride or workshop that you’ve created for WSSC in past years?

That’s a difficult question to answer. I think each ride or workshop I have done at WSSC over the years have all been great. The one that stands out right now for me is Bike Fit. It has been very rewarding to make a real change in the indoor cycling world when it comes to the safety and overall connection each person has to the piece of equipment we use to find and enjoy fitness. I love to teach it and show off my patented Spinning Fit System tool that I designed with the Spinning instructor in mind. Proper bike fit is something we all need to take a much closer look at as instructors. I know it may not be the most exciting thing in the Spinning Program, but it is one of the most important!

Why should Spinning instructors attend WSSC 2011?

It’s so great to surround yourself with others in the fitness industry who share your passion. By attending WSSC, you are truly learning from the best of the best with cutting-edge workshops that just can’t be beat. Don’t miss out on the Spinning event of the year!